Dep. for Management of Investments

Department for Management of Investments

Department of Management of Investments is a state establishment, subdivision of the Committee for Construction of the Government of St. Petersburg. Founded in 1994, the establishment focuses on making sure that real estate objects that belong to the city of St. Petersburg are used efficiently and effectively to the maximum of their potential.

The Department for Management of Investments focuses on preparing documents for land plots for tenders, organizational, expert and legal support of investment projects with consideration of the city's interests in the process of allocating land for investment projects.

Main Functions of Department for Management of Investments:

  • provide investors with information on investment proposals in St. Petersburg;
  • receiving, registering and reviewing investment proposals for real estate located within the city limits;
  • collection and preparation of documentation required for putting up real estate for sale or using it for a designated purpose;
  • preparation of draft resolutions of the Government of St. Petersburg to conduct surveying, carry out tenders, design, construction and reconstruction of real estate objects, preparing and holding contests for the right to prepare tender documentation, designing and implementing proposals for intensification of the investment processes in St. Petersburg.

Piter Development Company represents interests of its customers at all stages of interaction with the Department for Management of Investments, from initial collection of necessary documentation for submission of the official application, to issue (or extend) of the DMI order to carry out survey operations.

We cooperate with the DMI in all areas of their activities, and offer our customers the best and fastest way to prepare the necessary documents on the land plot:

  • collection of integrated production system data, preparation and issue of surveying permits;
  • obtaining target permits;
  • preparing documents for tenders and competitions

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