Committee for Land Resources and Land Management

St. Petersburg Committee on Land Resources and Land Management is an executive body of the city of St. Petersburg, formed under the laws of St. Petersburg and vested with the authority to carry out public policies and public administration in the sphere of land relations and real estate cadaster management in St. Petersburg, as well as for coordination of activities in this area in territorial and sectoral agencies of the Government of St. Petersburg.

The Committee focuses on development of urban construction policy in St. Petersburg and development of city construction projects.

Main CRL&LM Functions:

  • Forming of land plots and other real estate objects in St. Petersburg;
  • Approval of land boundaries on the territory of St. Petersburg;
  • Provision of land plots in St. Petersburg;
  • State registration of real estate in St. Petersburg;
  • Carrying out cadastral works in St. Petersburg;
  • State cadastral valuation of lands and land tax issues on the territory of St. Petersburg;
  • Providing information to applicants;
  • Exchange of information between government agencies that regulate land relations in St. Petersburg and other organizations;
  • Monitoring of land in St. Petersburg;
  • Land control measures in St. Petersburg;
  • Judicial Arbitration Practice;
  • Currently land management functions are divided among three organizations:
  • Office of the Federal Service of State Registration, Cadaster and Mapping (OFSSRC&M);
  • Committee for Land Resources and Land Management (CLR&LM);
  • Land Cadaster Chamber (LCC);

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