Committee for City Property Management

The Committee for City Property Management was created in September 1991. The process of privatization of state enterprises began in the early 1992. It was at that time that the structure of the Committee was formed with central and district (municipal) agencies for city property management, vested with the responsibility for contract execution: lease of real estate, investment activities, mortgage and other transactions, which create, change or terminate real estate title.

Activities of the Committee on City Property Management are carried out in accordance with the Committee Statutes, as well as the Conceptual Program of Real Estate Management System of St. Petersburg and Concept of Management of Public Enterprises, Institutions And Rights of St. Petersburg as Participant in Commercial and Nonprofit Organizations, developed by the Committee and approved by the Government of St. Petersburg.

For the first time in Russian history in September 1997 the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg adopted the law of St. Petersburg "On Procedure for Determining Lease Rates for Non-Residential Buildings Leased by St. Petersburg." This law established the procedure for determining lease rates on the basis of the market value, using mass and individual assessment methods.

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