Committee for Urban Construction and Architecture

Committee for Urban Construction and Architecture is a state establishment, subdivision of the Committee for Construction of the Government of St. Petersburg.

The Committee focuses on development of urban construction policy in St. Petersburg and development of city construction projects.
Main CUC&A Functions:

  • development of the general town-planning scheme;
  • development of land use and development rules (LUDR);
  • developing city block survey planning projects (CBSPP);
  • coordination and approval of construction projects for new construction and reconstruction;
  • preparation of City Development Plans and many other tasks;

Piter Development Company represents interests of its customers at all stages of interaction with the CUC&A, from initial collection of necessary documentation for submission of the official application, to issue (or extension) of the CUC&A order to develop the draft plan.

We cooperate with the CUC&A in all areas of their activities, and offer our customers the best and fastest way to prepare the necessary documents:

  • filling out applications, preparing and issuing LUSP development orders;
  • development and coordination of LUSP in all concerned establishments including the CUC&A;
  • cooperation with district architectural design offices (CCDO) including disputed issues;
  • cooperation with Center of Information Support of Urban Construction Activities (CISUCA);
  • obtaning the city development plan, completing hearings in the Land Use and Construction Committee, etc.; 

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