Committee for Municipal Management (and Road Maintenance)

The Committee for Municipal Management and Road Maintenance is an executive body of state authority in St. Petersburg

The Committee oversees implementation of public policy and provides state governance in the sectors of: road infrastructure, bridge management, landscaping and park administration; construction of roadside service establishments and other comprehensive service units, as well as coordinating activities in this field with other executive bodies of the government of St. Petersburg . The jurisdiction of the Committee extends over the following state unitary enterprises and public institutions:

  • road management(CMMC);
  • bridge management;
  • Parks and Gardens Management Board (PGMB) and Forest and Park Administration;
  • comprehensive service units;

When undertaking construction or reconstruction projects of buildings and/or constructions in St. Petersburg, the Committee for Municipal Management and Road Maintenance and its affiliated subordinate bodies (Parks and Gardens Management Board, SE CMMS etc.) the corresponding sections of project documentation.

For more information on the work of the CMM&RM, please visit the Committee's official website at

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