State Unitary Enterprise City Board of Real Estate Inventory and Appraisal

The modern history of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise City Board of Real Estate Inventory and Appraisal (SUE CBREI&A) began on November 28, 2005.

Main areas of the Board's Acitivities:


Technical accounting and inventorying are major directions of activities of SUE CBREI&A.

SUE SBREI&A has been accredited by the Federal Cadaster Agency, which allows the enterprise to carry out technical accounting and inventorying of capital construction objects on the territory of St. Petersburg (accreditation certificate Series PH-I No. 000069).

Services provided by SUE CBREI&A in the sphere of technical accounting and inventorying:

  • technical inventorying and accounting of capital construction projects, including linear extended objects, roads and bridges, softscaping sites, temporary structures and facilities.
  • formation of real estate objects for state registration of title, and transfer of documents for state cadastral registration.
  • evaluation of real estate for the purpose of taxation of individual property
  • assignment of address characteristics to facilities located on the territory of St. Petersburg
  • providing data on characteristics of facilities located in St. Petersburg to state authorities, local government, legal entities and individuals
  • preparation of reports on accounting of objects, changing their characteristics and reasons for such changes for the purpose of state registration of title, transactions and other purposes.
  • Preparing reports on matters of determining the optimal composition of real estate objects at the design stage, at the stage of disposition (e.g. when dividing the property) and other issues.
  • Providing agency services (preparing documents for transfer of residential premises into private ownership, conversion of housing premises into non-residential premises, and vice versa, submission of documents to the Federal Registration Chamber)

The archives of CBREI&A hold ove r110,000 units, and the entire industrial database of the enterprise is united into the comprehensive information system, with exclusive software used throughout the divisions of the SUE.

For information on branch offices of SUE CBREI&A (district PIBs) follow this link.


Experts at SUE CBREI&A have pioneered the contemporary field of appraisal in Russia. This area of activities began to develop in the company in 1995. The division carries out practical and scientific activities, develops modern methods of assessment and performs large-scale projects in St. Petersburg.

The Department of Appraisal of SUE CBREI&A carries out the following types of works and services:

  • real estate appraisal;
  • appraisal of land plots for construction projects;
  • appraisal of apartments (shares of apartments);
  • appraisal of movable property (cars, other vehicles and equipment);
  • appraisal of business
  • appraisal of non-material assets;
  • appraisal of rent rates, etc.


The Land Planning Department of SUE CBREI&A, created in 1996, engages in practical and methodological activities, participating in the development of modern methods of determining land lease rates, and carries out various projects for major facilities in St. Petersburg.

The Department Specializes in:

  • technical inventorying of objects such as engineering networks, power plants (thermal and electrical), other non-residential facilities of large area, long or complex in configuration;
  • inventorying of land plots according to their function, topographic surveying, cadastral surveying, land surveying, and demarcation.

A fundamentally new method for determining land lease rates entered into effect on 01.01.2010. The method was developed with participation of experts of the Land Planning Department. For the first time ever the new method calculates lease rates using a mathematical model based on electronic geoinformation systems. The model takes into account zoning changes on the basis of analysis of development prospects of the city, its transport and other infrastructure, as well as emerging new urban development zones.

The Land Planning Department offers the following works and services:

  • inventorying of land plots according to their functional use, in order to determine lease rates, land tax rates and land plot prices (for purchase of land);
  • technical inventorying of non-residential facilities using topogeodesical methods;
  • technical inventorying of engineering networks;
  • preparing, expert assessment, legal support of documents for lease of state-owned lands;
  • topogeodesical (land planning) operations:
  • land surveying with determination (restoration) of land plot borders according to the unified state system, with compilation of corresponding land plot plans (technical drawings) for documents of title;
  • cadastral surveying;
  • surveying of surface and underground constructions (engineering communications);
  • topographic surveying regardless of method, and/or updating the existing survey;
  • design and development of horizontal and vertical survey networks;

Department of Land Planning carries out land inventorying according to functional use as set forth in the Procedures approved by the Government of St. Petersburg on 26.11.2009 under No. 1379, entitled "On Measures of Implementing the Law of St. Petersburg "On Method of Determining State-Owned Land Lease Rates in St. Petersburg."

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