Real estate consulting

We carry out urban development project assessment and develop turnkey investment projects in various segments of the real estate market: residential, commercial, trade, industrial facilities and country real estate.

Against the background of dramatic events of the last two decades, the real estate market of St. Petersburg has gradually become relatively civilized. At the same time, there are fewer niches remaining for high yield investments. If in 2005 and 2006 investors had not considered projects with the payback period of more than 4 - 5 years (which is true almost for all hotels, sports facilities, and outlet centers), today investors are willing to work with less profitability. The payback period of 6 - 7 years is no surprise.

During the crisis there was a controversial situation on the market:

  • office, retail and warehouse facilities are in the crisis of excessive supply;
  • housing projects are experiencing a sharp decline in demand and tighter state regulations;
  • financially capacious investment projects are experiencing hard times (for example, yacht clubs);
  • There is some good news, however: industrial facilities have experienced a revival starting in 2009.
  • the market of small hotels and several other narrow market niches remain promising;

Our knowledge of the market and prospects of market development from the position of global economic and political decision-making by Russian authorities can help identify a reasonable scheme (strategy) of implementing the investors’ plans.

As part of the investment consulting process our experts carry out a detailed study of the real estate market, study the competitive environment, consumer preferences, price dynamics, and cost effectiveness of the project with different variants of using the facility upon completion.

Our own marketing research of the entire market and its individual segments can help articulate the concept of long-term strategy of project development to ensure profitability of the project.


We offer the following consulting services:

Comprehensive investment consulting includes consulting services at all stages of preparing implementing the investment project:

I Stage. Preliminary evaluation of urban development scheme of the investment project

We provide consulting services to investors and owners of real estate to determine feasibility of new construction or rehabilitation (renovation), which include:

  • - Defining various elements (residential, public or industrial buildings) that can be placed on the site according to City Development Plan and Land Use Development Rules;
  • - Identify the main parameters of possible construction projects on the site (number of floors, total area, calculation of insolation and the natural illumination factor, territory balance, number of parking spaces, etc.);
  • - The need for conservation or protection of existing buildings (definition of protection zones according to CLU&P, softscaping, etc.);
  • - The possibility of obtaining required engineering capacities from the city (obtaining specifications from engineering departments);

Consulting is based on current legislation, as well as extensive practical experience of our staff and assessment of the prospects of the investment project in terms of town planning legislation and access points to engineering networks.

II Stage. Formulating Goals and Developing Strategies

  • Recommendations on the strategy of entering new markets for the customer.
  • Marketing studies of various segments of the real estate market in St. Petersburg.
  • Selection of the most interesting niches for investment.
  • Assistance in selecting investment objects.

III Stage. Preparatory Stage


  • Preparation and submission of documents to the Department for Management of Investments (for target projects), the Property Fund (to participate in the auction of the Property Fund), preparing and conducting the sale.
  • Development of technical design assignments for designing spatial layout solutions (necessary for approval and coordination of City Development Plan documentation.)
  • Clarification and finalization of the construction project concept completed in the previous step. Work on separate stages of the concept on the basis of technical specification:
    1. apartment layout for residential buildings;
    2. planning and zoning of commercial buildings (business centers, trade and recreation centers, multifunctional complexes);
    3. positioning of the facility on the market;
    4. Prices, sales terms and other topics.

V Stage. Initial and Detail Design

  • Preparation and coordination of investment permit documentation at all stages of the project.
  • Architectural Design and in-house development of all necessary development planning documentation.
  • In the course of the project our experts cooperate with project designers to use innovative and feasible market-based solutions.

VI Stage. Financing and Construction

  • Consulting in the sphere of banking credit and co-investor involvement.
  • Preparing business plans and investment memoranda for attracting financing (UNIDO method).
  • Preliminary assessment of real estate construction costs, cost estimation.
  • Expert assessment of customer's documentation.
  • Attracting external financing (when possible!);

VII Stage. Operation start-up

Assistance in clearing interdepartmental commission assessement at operation start-up, preparing of the necessary documents.< /p>

VIII Stage. Assistance in selling/buying the facility

We can assist in selling or purchasing real estate by posting information about the transaction on our website.

Our knowledge of the market and prospects of market development from the position of global economic and political decision-making by Russian authorities can help identify a reasonable scheme (strategy) of implementing the investors’ plans. Consulting at all stages of the investment project will help minimize risks of proprietors, ensure the highest return on investments and raise the market price of the property.

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