Project Coordination

The project documentation that we develop must be further approved in committees, supervisory bodies and engineering services of the city and the Leningrad Region. All the approvals received at this stage are further transferred for expert assessment in State Autonomous Establishment Center of State Expert Assessment.

The process of coordinating project documentation for construction (reconstruction) of real estate usually involves the following activities:

Coordination of the developed general layout plan (layout of the land plot) in:

  • DUC of CUC&A (Department of Underground Constructions of the Committee for Urban Construction and Architecture)
  • STSI (State Traffic Safety Inspectorate)
  • State Unitary Establishment Comprehensive Municipal Management Center
  • P&GMB Parks and Gardens Management Board of the Committee for Municipal Management and Road Maintenance;
  • Obtaining an appraisal of the Chief Architect (Form GS-3-1);

Coordination of the adopted architectural solutions, technological and engineering sections of the project must be carried out in organizations such as:

  • CUC&A;
  • CE&ES (Committee for Energy and Engineering Support (Water, Electrical Energy, Gas, Heating management companies, etc.);
  • Territorial office of the Federal Service of Consumer Protection and Human Welfare Board in St. Petersburg;
  • Main Office of the Emercom Ministry of Russia in St. Petersburg;
  • DA (District Administration);
  • Committee for Use of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety;
  • Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade (in projects involving construction or reconstruction of industrial facilities);
  • CLU&P (when necessary);
  • Neva and Ladoga Basin Water Management Board of the Federal Agency of Water Resources (when necessary);
  • Other entities as necessary...

The coordinated project documentation must undergo expert assessment at the Service of State Construction Supervision and Assessment

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