On-Site Designer Supervision

On-site designer supervision is a range of actions carried out by a representative of the project organization to ensure full compliance of architectural and stylistic, technological, construction and other solutions approved by the customer in the design documentation for the purpose of construction.

On-site designer supervision is required during capital, residential, and industrial construction, and construction of buildings of a high degree of complexity, including facilities in confined natural conditions.

On-site designer supervision usually includes the following operations:

  • A visit to the construction site to verify compliance of the construction process to design solutions as stated in the project design concept plan, cost estimates and adopted technologies (including construction management projects), quality of construction and installation works and installation of technological and other types of equipment, compliance with fire and explosion safety requirements for facilities, buildings and structures;
  • Maintaining a designer supervision journal, taking note of all deviations from cost estimates and violations of construction regulations and technical specifications during construction and assembly operations, as well as deadlines established for elimination of such deviations and violations;
  • Supervision over due and timely measures taken to eliminate the deviations and violations shown in the designer supervision journal;
  • Participation in the preparation of survey instruments for construction elements concealed by subsequent work and operations, the quality of which affects strength and stability of the buildings and structures as shown in the list appended to the contract for on-site designer supervision;
  • Supervision of quality of facade and interior works, landscaping and softscaping operations;
  • Introducing changes and amendments to design specifications and estimates in accordance with the on-site designer supervision contract conditions.

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