Office of Preliminary Permissions

We collect and coordinate for our customers all the necessary initial permit documentation (IPD), which is necessary for developing new construction and reconstruction projects.

IPD includes the following documents:

1. Design and Construction Permit Documentation;
2. Project Documentation Design Assignment;
3. Situational Layout Plan (Scale 1:2000);
4. Topographic Survey (Scale 1:500);
5. Town-Planning Report;
6. Technical specifications;
7. Electrical Supply Network Specifications;
8. Heating Supply Network Specifications;
9. Water Supply Network Specifications;
10. Sewarage Network Specifications;
11. Telephone and Other Low-Current Network Specifications;
12. Engineering and Geological Estimation Report;
13. Bearing Foundation and Construction Engineering Report;

However, the minimal number of documents from the aforesaid list is needed to begin work on the construction project concept Construction Project Concept is the first step on the way to the detail project.


If you should have any questions or do not have time to fill out all the documents, please contact us by filling out the feedback form, or call our office.