Project Expert Assessment

State Project Expert Assessment is carried out at State Autonomous Establishment Center of State Expert Assessment and consists of a number of stages:

First stage involves preparation of the document package for expert assessment, which, according to the rules, includes:

Application of the construction company for expert assessment approved by the head of the Service of State Construction Supervision and Assessment or his or her official representative: "For preliminary expert assessment."

  • Cost assessment of PSO (project survey operations) (VAT excluded) (can be shown in the application);
  • Two copies of reference cards with the resolution of the head of the cost estimate department (Appendix No. 2 of the Regulations);
  • Project documentation acceptance card, authorized by the Environmental Safety Department (Appendix No. 3 of the Regulations);
  • City Development Plan for the land plot;
  • Project grounds and initial data:
    1. Order of the Governor (Administration, Government, Chairperson of the Committee for Urban Construction and Architecture);
    2. Certificate of state registration of real estate title;
    3. Urban Construction Plan
    4. Architectural Restoration Project Department of the Committee for Landmark Use and Protection
    5. Techical Design Assignment (approved in accordance with the Technical Specifications of State Establishment Emercom Ministry of Russia);
    6. Sanitary and Epidemiological Reports on Chemical, Bacteriological and Radiation Testing, Technological Rules;
    7. Land plot borders report for the period of design and construction;
    8. Standard Specifications of Departments and Services for Installation of Engineering Networks;
  • Project Coordination with the following bodies:
    1. Committee for Urban Construction and Architecture (Office of the Chief Architect / extract, General Plan and facades/, Chief Artist, Department of Underground Constructions);
    2. Committee for Landmark Use and Protection Report (land plot use mode, and coordination of the reconstruction project);
    3. Standard Specifications of the Russian Consumer Protection Board for St. Petersburg
    4. Technological Regulations regarding construction waste (coordinated with the Committee for Management of Natural Resources, Environmental Safety Department, and Ecological Safety Support Department);
    5. District Administration;
    6. State Establishment Housing Agency (Homeowners' Association; Housing Cooperatives);
    7. Parks and Gardens Management Board
    8. Russian Air Navigation Agency;
    9. State Traffic Safety Inspectorate;
    10. Neva and Ladoga Basin Water Management Board;
    11. Approval of city engineering departments and services;
    12. Inquiries and complaints on the site;
  • Copy of the LUD&R records and the Law on Borders of Cultural Heritage Protection Zones showing the location of the site;
  • Electronic version of the project in the PDF format;

Second Stage - preliminary expert assessment of project documentation completed by State Autonomous Establishment Center of State Expert Assessment, usually followed by further editing;

Third Stage- final expert assessment (eliminating final objections) and obtaining final report (coordination) by the State Expert Assessment Board;

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