Construction Project Concept

The Construction Project Concept is a preliminary stage that determines further development of the project that comes before the Schematic Design.

The Construction Project Concept is considerably less expensive than the Schematic Design, and allows to save money on assessment of various construction development options. Usually several variants of this concept are developed, and after that work on the Schematic Design begins.

Developing the construction project concept is the best, if not the only, way to assess the construction project and to develop some understanding of it. This stage is especially important for large objects because it allows to avoid many complexities in the process of further design.

However, no matter how preliminary, the work on the concept allows to answer a number of questions that are important for the investor, namely:

  • to determine the potential useful development area in m2 (the total of all residential and commercial areas for sale);
  • to determine the necessary social infrastructure of the project and the expenses that come along (daycare facilities, schools, etc.);
  • to determine limitations and encumbrances on the development territories (sanitary protection zones, servitudes, etc.);

The preliminary business plan for the project is based on the concept. It allows to assess profitability of the project upon its completion.

Piter Development Company completes the following operations within the Consruction Project Concept for Residential and Public Areas:

1. Project Summary that includes:
1.1 Problem Specification;
Customer wishes in part of the space and layout design and building functionality;
Project concept assumptions;
Site rules and regulations (existing Sanitary Protection Zones, Buffer Zones, Servitudes);
1.2. Description of the Project Territory;
 Town Planning Concept;
Cultural Heritage Protection Zones;
Current Use of the Territory;
Analysis of social infrastructure objects on the site;
 Territorial development limitations;
1.3 Project Design Concept Plan;
General Part:
Social infrastructure of the block;
Transport infrastructure;
Site development;
Site technical and economic performance indicators (including insolation and natural illumination factor);
1.4. Appendices;
Initial data and available permits and letters;
2. Situational planning with Sanitary Protection Zones
3. Situational planning with protected landscape zones, regulated construction zones, protected areas.
4. General Layout Plan;
5. Transport Infrastructure Scheme;
6. Softscaping and Landscaping Scheme;
7. Facade elevation along the streets adjacent to the construction site;


At the concept stage our customers choose the option that seems most attractive to them out of 2 or 3 variants, and appraise the possible total area of residential and non-residential facilities (in-built auxiliary premises and free-standing buildings).

Floor plans and facades are usually not included at the concept stage. They are added at the next design stage, the schematic Design.


If you should have any questions or do not have time to fill out all the documents, please contact us by filling out the feedback form, or call our office.