Project Costs

Project Costs Estimation is one of the most important document that construction, repair or reconstruction of any facility starts with. When selecting a subcontractor for the project, the Cost Estimation Report allows to assess the costs of all operations and the professionalism of the potential subcontractor.

We provide the following cost estimate reports:

  • A local cost estimate report is created for each separate object or type of operation. The local cost estimate report presents groups of building elements in accordance with the corresponding technological sequence of operations. Lists of used materials can be included in the cost estimate report or named in a separate document, entitled "List of Resources" or "List of Construction Materials." The list shows all the necessary construction materials (in tons, kilograms, running meters, etc.), with further assessment of each unit of materials, followed by the cost of the entire volume at the end of each line. This way the cost of all construction materials for the entire project or separate kinds of operations within the project.
  • Facility cost estimate contains the local cost estimate and shows the costs of construction, assembly, equipment, and other costs. For instance, the facility cost estimate for landscaping the adjacent territory can include the following local cost estimates: costs of an asphalted parking lot, softscaping, fence construction, radio-controlled traffic control barriers, outside lighting and video monitoring, etc.
  • The facility cost estimate for construction and assembly operations includes costs for temporary buildings and constructions according to the rate of interest, temporary heating charges in the winter season.
  • The summary estimate divides the costs of construction of individual elements shown in different columns: construction, installation, equipment, furniture, implements, and other costs and shows the total costs of the project. The summary estimate takes into account the costs of preparing the territory (land clearance, land acquisition, layout of axes, payment for the land), the cost of demolition of buildings, transfer of networks, compensation for damages of land acquisition, drainage, land reclamation, fee for services regarding issue of technical terms, costs of survey operations, on-site designer supervision, training of operating personnel.

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