Schematic Design

A schematic design is the stage that follows the concept development stage upon selection of the project development scenario for the territory, at which point a more detailed study of architectural elements is made.

Schematic Design is a pre-project proposal stage, when an album of a certain format is created of specific materials, comprising the initial set of documents required to begin a construction project in St. Petersburg. These materials allow to assess the project and develop the necessary requirements for further design process.

The concept of the building and the applicable technical specifications are used to design planes, facades, cross-sections, etc., for the chosen project variant.

The Schematic Design can be coordinated with the Committee for Urban Construction and Architecture and other specialized committees; however, at this stage no actual construction is allowed. At this stage the project is further developed, corrected and discussed with market analysts and real estate consultants that allows to arrive at a coordinated project variant.

Composition of the Schematic Design:

  • Project summary;
  • Site technical and economic performance indicators;
  • Site reference (including photo series, perspective drawings, object siting on the general layout and the topographic survey);
  • Planes, orthographic projections, layouts, building cross-sections;

Our project an apartment house on 48 apartments is more low shown. A design stage - Schematic Design.

The facade of Apartment house on 48 flats.A design stage - Schematic Design.
The plan of a floor of the apartment house for 48 apartments. A design stage - Schematic Design

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