The demands and situation of each customer are unique, and every investment project requires an individual approach. For the fullest customer satisfaction, we offer a wide range of services, which we can divide into groups for more simple perception.


Architecture design;

We provide a full range of services to develop and coordinate architectural projects of new buildings and reconstruction. Our staff will take care of obtaining all appropriate permitting for construction. Long-term experience of our employees in the construction business and formed relationships enable you to meet the challenges quickly and flexibly. We provide prompt resolution of all disputable situations and conflict issues, as well as legally competent and accurate execution of work.

Cautious work of our experts will help you to receive properly developed and coordinated architectural project, and to avoid, thus, infringements of the legislation, numerous revisings and penalties from the supervising organizations.


Investment licensing documentation developing and coordination;

We produce and coordinate investment-permitting and project documentation that allows our customers to save time, nerves and money.

New buildings and reconstruction in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region are regulated by a large number of standarts (General Plan, Land Use and Development Rules, etc.) and are controlled by a large number of committees and commissions (MI, CTBA, CLR, CMPU, CMPM, SACI, SFIO, USPH, CCB, Rospotrebnadzor, etc.). We have a long and successful experience of cooperation with all the abovementioned organizations.


Real estate consulting;

We render consulting services for investors and owners of real estate objects by determining the feasibility of new buildings or reconstruction (renovation), which includes:

  • the feasibility of real estate allocation (residential, public, or industrial buildings) according to the town-planning zone;
  • the basic parameters of a possible construction (floors, square, calculation of insolation and NIF, the balance of the territory, the number of parking lots, etc.)
  • the need to preserve or protect existing construction (the definition of CMPU protection zones, green areas, etc.); 
  • the possibility of obtaining from the city required engineering applications (obtaining specifications from engineering departments);

Consultancy is based on current legislation, as well as on the big practical experience of our experts.

In addition to the preliminary town-building assessment mentioned above, the main task of consulting in real estate is the customer clear understanding of the prospects of investment project realization, on the basis of town-planning, marketing and economic calculations, formed strategy, clear targets setting, at each stage of the project and the project realizing generally.


Purchase and sale of land plots and real estate objects;

Investment projects are often connected with the purchase and sale of land plots and real estate objects. We provide our clients with brokerage services for real estate transactions. Unlike conventional real estate agencies, we offer comprehensive real estate transactions, namely:

  • our economists will help you to evaluate the market and the effective cost of acquisition;
  • our specialists will help you to assess the effectiveness of the investment climate and financial schemes offered by partners;
  • our lawyer will help you to check the completeness and correctness of the documents and carry out the transaction;

After acquiring the real estate object, you need to use it.  In this case, our services on consulting and preparing/ coordination of project documentation can be useful for you.