Development of a high-rise building concept

- such projects are fairly typical and include apartment descriptions for the building depending on its location, forecasted monetary flows and optimal positioning of the building on the market.

Our company experts have developed a large number of residential building concepts. A marketing study of the residential project allows to predict successful implementation of the project by planning the optimal configuration of apartments according to the demand on the market.

Marketing studies are based not only on the current residential real estate market conjuncture but also on the understanding of market development prospects, since the duration of the project, from creation of the marketing concept to the completion of the project, can take several years.

The main instrument for developing the concept of the apartment building is the technical specifications of apartment description, which is used by designers to design the building.

The concept is developed with consideration of the type and class of the residential building.

Usually apartment descriptions do not take into account the requirements of construction Sanitary Rules and Norms, showing optimal apartment areas and apartment layout from the point of view of consumer demand. Subsequently architects work on combining demand parameters and regulatory requirements.

Apartment descriptions usually consist of 15 to 30 points that describe the requirements to the residential building.

Below is the standard form, prepared in the process of developing the apartment description.



for residential building design at the address

St. Petersburg, to the north of Ulitsa Novoselov, Apt. 00 section 00

1. Requirements for Space and Layout Design of the Apartment:

Type of Apartment

% of the number of apartments in the building*

Total privatized area

% in group

Area of the main room

Area of the second room

Area of the third room

Area of the kitchen

Area of the kitchen (living room)**

Area of the hall

Area of the bathroom

Type of bathroom


1-room apartment













Of those:




























































2-room apartment













Of those:




























































3-room apartment













Of those:




























































More than 3 rooms













 * - At the stage of apartment description layout types of apartment characteristics are taken into account.

** - Kitchen and living room design if it is preferable to unite the room and the kitchen.
 2. Requirements for the hall (hallway).
 3. Requirements for possible combination of 1+1-room apartment and 1 + 2-room apartment.
 4. Requirements for availability of balconies / loggias (usually starting from the 2nd floor.)
 5. Requirements for placement of elevators
 6. Requirements for location of bathrooms in apartments.
 7. Requirements for placement of ventilation units in apartments.
 8. Requirements for access to the balcony(ies) from the kitchen and the living room.
 9. Requirements for size and proportions of rooms.
 10. Requirements for windows.
 11. Requirements for bathrooms.
 12. Ceiling height (not floor height!).
 13. Projected 4 room apartments.
 14. Necessity of arranging the parking lot, its capacity, architectural and planning decisions.
 15. Feasibility of accommodation of built-in closets on the first floor.
 16. The optimum height of the ceiling (floor to ceiling) of built-in premises.
 17. Sectioning the built-in premises, the best area of the sections, the number of entrances to the section, etc.
 18. Advisability of locating panoramic apartments on upper floors.

In addition to these sections separately a detailed price forecast and a forecast for growth in sales are provided.

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