Developing concepts of elite projects

- a laborious process, which includes work on implementing every phase of the elite class project - from design features of the elite real estate facility to sales and marketing programs. One example is the penthouse development project.

Elite Housing Concept Development

This is a laborious process, which includes work on implementing every phase of the elite class project - from design features of the elite real estate facility to sales and marketing programs. One example is the penthouse development project.

The customer challenged us to define the reasons of current difficulties in realization of penthouses in a housing elite estate "Aurora", to determine the possible variants of advertisement campaign creation and recommend the marketing program of penthouses promotion at the market. The customer has set two basic goals for us:

The main marketing goal which derives all of the following tasks is the profit’s maximization from realization of penthouses under the implementation of elite dwelling-house "Aurora" investment project.

An associate marketing goal is the positive image forming of СC "Istochnick-Stroy", as a reliable partner working in the segment of elite accommodation.

We have prepared and substantiated the program of penthouses promotion and sale. By a twist of fate we were appealed at the stage, when all was already built and it was late to change something conceptually. We have managed with the set goal, but our expert opinion resulted that the optimal use of the building highest floor is the placing of panoramic restaurant. Unfortunately, the realization of this idea required the considerable alterations in the project.

Promotive conception at the elite penthouses market

(under the investment project "AURORA")

Basic conclusions:

1. The proposed penthouses are an unusual phenomenon for St.Petersburg concerning elite accommodation. From one side, the proposed "penthouses" are not penthouses in the Moscow-European visualization on them (except the highest one), on the other hand it is a breakage of the deep-rooted St.Petersburg stereotypes talking of the elite accommodation. For details see page 12…

2. Potential representatives of the whole segment (0, 5-2% from the population of St.Petersburg) are the customers of elite apartments. They do not distinguish penthouses as a separate category, but examine them as elite apartments with peculiarities. At Saint Petersburg’s market, time of penthouses has not come yet: the Petersburg elite does not identify them as the special kind of elite real estate. It is possible to choose the next ways of promotion:

А) To sell penthouses as elite apartments with "peculiarities" - to follow market trends. For details see page 19…

В) To sell penthouses as penthouses forming a new segment at the market (it is more expensive way). For details see page 20...

С) To combine "elite apartment - penthouse", taking from every category the best elements. What and how many features from whom to take depends on the "product" and market trends. For details see page 20…

3. Our "product" satisfies the unconscious desire of consumer - to be really "steeper" with the high level of solvency. Motive works in the 30-38 years’ age group. This necessity can be confronted to the self-affirmation by a way of self-development, self-realization, self-expression, and partly, in less degree, to the respect (self-esteem, confession, status). This motive works in the 29-55 years’ age group.  In the first group, the aiming is more exact and oriented to the penthouses; in the second - more washed out, the aiming is the elite accommodation with peculiarities.

4. A criterion base for "unique selling point"(USP) creation is closed by the next words: importance, distinctness, superiority, demonstrativeness, safety from copying (uniqueness), and availability. For details see page 16 ...

5. Our target group is men 30-38/29-55(depending on the chosen motivation of target group), businessmen, joint owners or showmen, usually married, having one child, leading an active life. For details see page 17...

6. Positioning can be provided in two target groups with little motivational differences. For details see page 18...

7. The probability of sale is large (among ~ the 23,5 thousand representatives of target group there will always be a few originals in Saint- Petersburg), however, all risks are in sales terms. The probability of sale is very high already after putting on-line the house, and it is impossible to activate customers at so specific direction with the help of marketing methods. The only exception is PR- campaign in the press, to improve the image of СC "Istochnick-Stroy".


Concept of Elite Penthouse Market Promotion

(within the framework of the AVRORA Investment Project)

Contents of the Report:





Main Conclusions



Report Preparation Conditions



Goal Setting (initial data for the concept)



Marketing goals of the promotion campaign



Goals of the Promotion Program



Marketing Analysis



Description of a typical penthouse



Penthouses in America and Europe (architecture, prices)



Structure of the offer on the penthouse market in Moscow



Structure of the offer on the penthouse market in St. Petersburg



Specific issues in demand for A and AA class housing in St. Petersburg



Understandings that target group has about elite house, descriptions of the apartment and the building



Finding out differentiating attributes, formulating the sales proposition (USP)



Description of the target audience, defining target groups for the product (penthouses)



Segmenting, targeting and positioning of the USP



Goals, Tasks, Principles, Promotion Programs, Assessing Variants



Determining the Choice of Marketing Communication Channels



Setting Goals in Creative Aspects of the Planned Promotion Program



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