Marketing researches

We know everything about the real estate market of St. Petersburg: our experience and understanding of the processes taking place on the market give us a reliable foundation to suggest to our customers the most effective management decisions.

Our specialists perform a comprehensive range of marketing operations on the real estate market of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

Creating our marketing concepts, we use the entire range of existing marketing tools:

  1. We perform quantitative market research studies including those with the use of a call center. Over the past decade, we have accumulated a large amount of statistics on all real estate market segments (residential, commercial, rural, industrial real estate; land plots);
  2. We provide qualitative marketing research studies, involving experts of the real estate market representing leading construction companies and real estate agencies in the city; we have completed dozens of in-depth interviews and focus groups with customers and market experts;
  3. We identify target groups and create competitive advantages, define positioning, and determine the principles of advertising campaigns;
  4. We determine consumer properties of real estate, develop apartment descriptions and the optimal structure of commercial spaces, price ranges, forecast the pace of sales and payment conditions (using BOMA standards).

 All of our marketing operations are purely practical, and focus on solving our clients' problems. We have gained the greatest experience in the following areas of activities:

Developing concepts of elite projects - a laborious process, which includes work on implementing every phase of the elite class project - from design features of the elite real estate facility to sales and marketing programs. One example is the penthouse development project."
Developing the concept of the cottage settlement - this work includes all stages of the project, from marketing analysis and work on the settlement concept to planning the advertising campaign. One illustration is the concept of the cottage settlement in Priozersk District of the Leningrad Region."
Study of the land and real estate market - we carry out such projects in St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region and other regions of the Russian Federation. Such studies determine the undervalued market segments and allow to assess the development potential of the latter. One illustration of such a study is the marketing study of the Black Sea Coast from Adler to Anapa."
Development of the commercial real estate object concept - is a concept of developing commercial real estate (with the financial model), which allows to determine the recoupment period and the degree of demand for facilities of this class. Our staff have extensive experience of designing concepts ranging from B, B+ and A class business centers to a full-scale concept of an international level congress venue."
Development of a high-rise building concept - such projects are fairly typical and include apartment descriptions for the building depending on its location, forecasted monetary flows and optimal positioning of the building on the market."