Housing Real Estate

Experts of company " Peter Development " in a complex develop projects a vein of the real estate from development of the concept of the project and up to a validation phase of the design documentation (stage - Execution Plan).

Our experts for years of work have got versatile experience of development of projects by a vein of the real estate and today we offer our customers creation of projects "on a turn-key basis":

  • - development of projects of districts building ;
  • - reconstruction or new construction of apartment houses;
  • - designing of penthouses;
  • - designing of cottage settlements (the information look in section " Cottage Settlement General Layout Plan "); 

Carrying out the design documentation under the project, we execute the whole complex of works which includes for the customer:

The basic  designing's  directions in the residential buildings, illustrated  by examples of the projects executed by our forces,  are below shown. 

Development  of residential districts

Now the accent in construction by a vein of the real estate was displaced on districts development and programs of reorganization of districts of apartment houses of the first mass series.

Having saved up for last years wide experience of development of projects of a lay-out of districts (Land Use Survey Plan), our company qualitatively develops projects of development of districts for a vein and public - business function. We carry out projects as on reorganization of industrial districts, and involving in a revolution of the new grounds (transferred of the agricultural grounds).

The  development of residential districts The general plan of residential districts

By development of projects of districts building, we develop the concept of building. Development of the concept of building - perhaps, the best if not a unique way, beforehand to estimate and receive representation about projected object. This stage is especially important for large objects as allows to avoid many complexities during the further designing and maximum to take into account wishes of the customer.

Designing of apartment houses

Experts of company " Peter Develpoment " have experience of designing of houses at all stages of execution of the project. Sketches on an apartment house which project has been executed by forces of company " Peter Development " are below shown. 

The project of an apartment house. Schematic Design he project of an apartment house. Schematic Design

All design works are carried out by us carried out in strict conformity with requirements сроительных rules and territorial rules, therefore to live in our houses warmly and cosy.

Apartments in our houses are well sold, since we carry out the project in view of marketing researches on structure of demand for the inhabited and built - in Commercial  rooms in a site of an apartment house. Detailed apartment descriptions an apartment house allows to plan speed of sales beforehand.

Attic Design

We have completed attic reconstruction projects and developed attic projects for a number of apartment buildings in St. Petersburg.

Penthouse. Schematic Design Penthouse appearance.

Unfortunately, as of mid-2011, according to the provisions of the Civil Code (Articles 289 and 290), attics are considered common property of the apartment building, and no separate shares can be allocated. Therefore, it is now possible to add an attic or even lease it on behalf of the building’s homeowners association, but alienation of the attic (transfer of the premises into the ownership of third parties) can only take place if all 100% of property owners in the apartment building agree to it, which of course is not realistic.

More in detail about a situation with registration of the property on room of penthouses, you can read in article " Arrangement of penthouses in garrets of apartment houses".

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