Industrial Objects

Experts of company "Peter Development" make a complex development of projects for industrial objects - from working out of the concept of the project and to a validation phase of the design documentation (stage - Execution Plan).

Our experts, for years of work, have gained versatile experience of development of projects of industrial objects and today we offer our customers creation of projects "on a turn-key basis":

  • - projects of the industrial enterprises and objects;
  • - projects of reconstruction or new construction of warehouse objects;
  • - civil-engineering designs of car washes, car-care centers with all necessary engineering stuffing;
  • - projects reconstruction or new construction of engineering objects - electric substations 35 - 110 кV ;

     In the design of industrial facilities, we work with "Volzhsky plant of steel structures" which delivers to the North-West of Russia the whole range of metal structures for construction of industrial buildings. Read more about the product range please see the website VSSC.

Волжский завод стальных конструкций

Taking part in the project, we carry out the whole complex of works which includes for the customer:

Our principles of work with the industrial enterprises:

  • - Professionalism in designing;
  • - Observance of terms;
  • - Observance of the budget of the project;

To work with us it is easy and pleasant. We always go towards to customers and always we search for the compromise.

Forces by experts of company " Peter Development " execute a plenty of projects of industrial buildings and constructions.

 The project планировочного decisions of industrial territory S of 24 Hectares is executed by forces of company " Peter Development ". 

The master plan industrial area S 24 hectares. 3D model of building of industrial territory S of 24 Hectares.

When we run the project, have developed different ways of planning solutions. The final choice was made in favour of the optimal properties of industrial buildings and zoning of hazard degree of industrial zone hosted productions.

The project of electric substation on 110 кV (a stage of Schematic Design) is below shown. At performance of the project, the customer has set the task: to place a maximum of useful volume in very much constrained conditions of dense city building.

Accommodation on the small ground area near to a vein and business building of building  and capacity for storage of transformer oil, has demanded from us the big efforts both at designing, and at the coordination of the project.  

Facade of electric substation on 110 kV. Stage of Schematic Design 3D-model of a building of the electric substation.

We have carried out development of all sections of a stage " Schematic Design " and have picked up the process equipment.

Other our project located in constrained conditions of city building - car-care center with a washing post.

The most difficult condition of performance of the project, was necessity to place the greatest possible volume of a building on a small site of the ground.

Facade of car-care center. 3D-model of a building of car-care center

We have carried out development of all sections of a stage "Execution Plan" and have executed section  "technological decisions". We had been projected modern systems for an autowashing post and well recommending the autorepair equipments.

Currently, we have implemented projects car  maintenance station:

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