Commercial Real Estate

Experts of company "Peter Development" make a complex develop projects of commercial real estate - from working out of the concept of the project and to a validation phase of the design documentation (stage - Execution Plan).

Our experts, for years of work, have gained versatile experience of development of projects of commercial real estate and today we offer our customers creation of projects "on a turn-key basis":

  • reconstruction or new construction of business centers;
  • construction of trading complexes (format TC, MFC, OUTLET);
  • reconstruction or new construction of hotels;
  • sports complexes, SPA;

Taking part in the project, we carry out the whole complex of works which includes for the customer:

Our collective has accepted active participation in rapid development of office and trading real estate in times "zero"  - when with 2000 for 2010 years in city have been constructed  millions of m2 of the new areas. 

Our experts took part in the project on end of second-order construction of hotel " Saint Petersburg " -  " the Petrofort " class B+, designing of office building on Ligovsky 273, office center on street Borovoj the house #30 and a lot of other objects.

We have been working on commercial real estate for many years. Back in 2007 we pointed out that the moment of market saturation was approaching. We had worked with concepts of different formats such as economy class shopping malls (Podsolnukh Mall with the anchor tenant Okay Hypermarket) on Primorskoe Shosse, and OUTLET discounter stores which have been designed to be built on the outskirts of the city.

Most interesting of our projects, from our point of view, is the project of Yacht - Club.

3D-model of yacht - club The general plan of yacht - club

The concept of development of territory the general area 63 Га (30 coasts Ga and 33 water areas Ga) means creation of a sports complex of regional scale on the basis of Yacht - Club and an Aquapark, with the advanced infrastructure of rest and entertainments (mainly water subjects).

3D-model of yacht - club 3D-model of yacht - club

The project of a complex is executed in structure:

  • Yacht - club (12400 m2) with a mooring on 556 places and a serving administrative - technical infrastructure (mini-hotel, office areas, эллинги and places of open storage of repair). The hardware of yacht - club includes a beacon, a customs post, a refueling complex, the elevating crane and many other things;
  • Aquapark (8000 m2) with an infrastructure (SPA, the enterprises of a public catering);
  • Beach on the external side of a dam of yacht - club;

By development of the project, we had been executed outline studies. 3D - modelling and the detailed business - plan of the project.

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