Developing Business Plans (UNIDO Methodology*)

Our experts provide comprehensive business planning for developed investment projects.

Receiving initial data:

Initial data on cash proceeds is usually based on the marketing analysis (usually based on BEST-USE method), the pricing policy, sales forecasts and the investment project sales date.

Initial data on investing money into the project is based on cost estimates (we employ a professional cost consultant) as well as expenses on servicing credit and other expenses, depending on the specificity of the investment project.

Business Planning:

Based on the collected initial data we solve a number of business planning tasks for our customers:

  1. financial substantiation and assessment of project effectiveness;
  2. business planning (UNIDO method);
  3. defense of the project before investors;

This way our customers get to see the objective picture of the future of their investment project.

Formulating a Business Plan:

All the operations within the business planning processes are formulated in the business plan, which usually includes three sections and follows the European methodology:

  1. Project summary;
  2. Comprehensive table of initial data;
  3. Financial model;

Sphere of Our Competence:

Our qualification and experience allow us to develop business plan for investment projects in various spheres of activity:

  1. building business centers, trade centers, trade and entertainment centers;
  2. building cottage settlements;
  3. building resorts and boarding homes;
  4. building yacht clubs and many other facilities.

For more information on business plans and samples of our business plans please visit us at the office. 




* - UNIDO (The United Nations Industrial Development Organization) - is a specialized agency in the system of the United Nations Organization. The main goal is to facilitate industrial development and international industrial cooperation in the interest of the organization's member countries.