The staff of LLC DACHI thanks employees of the Peter development company for performance of works on development and approval of the project of planning of residential quarter in the Vsevolozhsk region of the Leningrad region.


General Director of "GIVING" Telecine Olga.

LLS "Universtroi"

We thank staff of Ltd "Piter Development" company for the executed coordination of the project's gas supply in CLU&P St. Petersburg.


General Director of LLS  "Universtroi" Linnik T.O.


LLC "ITS-KAD" thanks the company "Peter Development" for the project of the Industrial zone, with an area of 32 Ha in Lomonosovsky district of Leningrad region.


General Director of "ITS-KAD"  Zinkevich V. A..

LLC "PetroEnergoSoyuz"

LLC "PetroEnergoSoyuz" thanks the company "Peter Development" for the project closed electrical substation 110 kV "Moscow-Tovarnaya".
General Director of LLC "PetroEnergoSoyuz" Kolesnikov Vladimir Vladimirovich.

JSC JSB Probusinessbank "Layf" Financial group

JSC JSB Probusinessbank expresses gratitude to staff of the Peter Development company for the done work on pre-sale preparation of a property complex.

Director of procurement Danilov Ilya Valeryevich 

Investment and construction group "SPLAV"

The investment and construction group "SPLAV" thanks staff of the Peter Development company for the executed project of an inhabited apartment house with an underground parking.

Director general of ISG "ALLOY" Leonov Philippe Valeryevich


Joint-Stock Company "ASERP" expresses gratitude of company "Peter Development" for working out and coordination Land Use Survey Plan in Pushkin district of St.-Petersburg.


Director general of JSC ASERP Bocharov Leonid Nikolaevich

CJSC StroiInzhiniring

CJSC "StroiInzhiniring" expresses gratitude of the company ' Peter Development ' for successful development of land use survey plans (LUSPs) inhabited district on island Vasilevskiy and the project of shopping center.


Director general of JSC "StroiInzhiniring"   Chipchikov Ruslan Sagitovich

Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Svet Nadezhdy"

The international center of social adaptation and development of disabled children and orphan children the Autonomous Non-profit Organization "Light of Hope" expresses gratitude to staff of the Peter Development company for development detailed the business plan of creation of yacht-club in the settlement Strelna and developed land use survey plans (LUSPs) on the specified territory.


Director general of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Svet Nadezhdy"  Klimentyev Igor Nikolaevich

JSC Akkord

I express gratitude to staff of the Peter Development company for development of the working draft and coordination of project documentation for car service to the address St. Petersburg, Zastavskaya St. the house 11 to 1.

At design all our wishes were considered and the declared terms were sustained at design and coordination of project documentation.  On the territory of quarter it was developed land use survey plans (LUSPs)


Director general of JSC Akkord Bagirov B. B. 

Holding Company "FASTKOM"

Holding Company "FASTKOM" thanks Peter Development LLC for the successful working-out of the architectural concept of industrial district redevelopment in Saint Petersburg.


Customer Service Director Rasporskaya Natalya Yuryevna

"Severnaya Nedvizhymost"

Prepared for us the concept of cottage settlement "Verkhovsky" in 110 km. from Saint-Petersburg. The work of "Peter Development" company has helped us to realize the cottage settlement "Verkhovsky" and lent when projecting a cottage settlement "Maryin Park"

Development Manager Opalikhin Valery Sergeevich.

Sevzapneft Group of Companies

The Company prepared a business plan for us, with several options of project implementation as well as a marketing concept of a cottage settlement. Initially we had disagreed with the results of the marketing study but the crisis proved us that the recommendations we received were in fact correct.

Company Vice-President Yuri Valeryanovich Tverskoy

Partner Real Estate Agency

Thank you for helping us with the development of the combined use land plot project (cottage settlement + nursery garden). This helped us solve a number of legal issues and begin implementing the project.

General Director, Partner Real Estate Agency Vladimir Nikolaevich Kudrevich

Faeton Development Group

Thank you for preparing for us an analysis of real estate markets of the Black Sea Coast, this information helped us in decision-making and business development in the south of Russia.

General Director of Faeton Development Group Andrey Grigoryevich Chernyak

Orange Development

Thank you for consulting us on apartment construction projects in St. Petersburg. Overall the company has provided the right accents in formulating the pricing policy and in determining target groups.

Head of the Department of Development, Orange Development Company Igor Anatolyevich Zyryanov


The Company has developed for us all major infrastructural and architectural parameters of Pavlovsky Pasad, an elite cottage settlement (has already been completed and sold). Thank you.

General Director of Metro-Atma Mikhail Petrovich Surbeev