Company Experts

Piter Development  Company has been created by St. Petersburg real estate sector professionals who have extensive practical experience in their field. Our leading experts:

Dmitry Mironov

Has over 10 years of professional experience in the sphere of strategic planning and marketing, and development of promotion (advertisement and PR) programs and sales planning.

Has achieved considerable success on the real estate market. Was employed by a number of large investment and construction companies of St. Petersburg (Stroymontazh, YIT LENTECH, Morskoy Fasad...), where he worked in the sphere of marketing and development.

In recent time has worked actively as a consultant in the sphere of construction and development of real estate (provided consultations to such companies as Faeton, Alice...).

Has a college degree and an MBA degree. Also completed a program in Project Management with ANSI PMI PMBOK in the Project Management Institute.

Yulia Rudenko

Has nine years of experience in business planning for new and developing business, various financial and economic calculations, financial analysis and expert assessment, economic consulting, etc.

She has also successfully created business plans for the Committee for Small Business Support. Business plans can be translated into English for projects with participation of foreign partners.

Has experience in working with consulting companies, large international production companies and development companies on the commercial real estate market.

Extensive experience in audit. College education: St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. In-service training at St. Petersburg State University and the International Banking Institute.

Elena Semenova

Professional experience of 13 years in the field of design of industrial and civil construction, in particular in the development of bearing structures of buildings and structures.

Execution of design and working documentation of sections KM, Kj, KR, calculations of building structures in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

Higher profile education-St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, faculty of civil engineering, specialty – engineer.  Is included in the national register of specialists in the field of engineering surveys and architectural design. Records assigned identification number P-098351.

Natalia Budnikova

Professional experience 11 years in the field of design of project documentation and General layout of residential buildings, neighborhoods, residential developments, project planning and surveying the territory.

Works include calculations social security calculations and placement of vehicles, coordination of external engineering networks, development projects, planning and surveying areas of residential, social, business and industrial use.

Education a higher profile - SPb GASU, DEP. Urban planning and urban design, specialty – architect. It is included in the national register of specialists in the field of engineering surveys and architectural design. Record number P-082070.

Бормотов Виктор архитектор
Viktor Bormotov

Has sixteen years of experience in architectural project management.

Has extensive experience in designing residential and non-residential buildings. Has developed full packages of project documentation, has experience in implementing projects in difficult soil conditions. Has spent many years in designing building for orthodox churches, has completed several orthodox church buildings.

College education: Degree in Architectural Engineering, Moscow State University of Construction Engineering (State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education Moscow State University of Construction Engineering).

Игорь Зырянов аналитик
Igor Zyryanov

Has 15 years of experience in business development, strategic planning and marketing. Has worked in Russian and foreign companies engaged in manufacturing, sales, export, import, education, and consulting.

Has developed strategies for companies in different sectors of the market, preparing short- and long-term forecasts for the development of industry, market and business.

Has cooperated with companies such as Gazrezerv, Rosagroregion, Soyuz Group, Stroimontazh, Pyaterochka, Evromedika, NPK SOTA, Linkos, Financial Technologies, Fitolon, Phaeton, Academservice, and others.