Released projects

In section "The Released projects" you can familiarize with our most interesting works in sphere of consulting, designing, engineering.

The project of the consumer service center

Employees of the company "Peter Development" have completed a preliminary design of a two-story public building.

Domes and crosses for the Church

Настоятель Храма в честь Сошествия Святого Духа на Апостолов

In the village of Komarovo, near St. Petersburg, an Orthodox Church is being restored in honor of the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles.

Sketch of a multifunctional hotel complex with built-in underground Parking

ОАО "ГРСТ-1" (

The company's team completed a sketch of a multi-functional hotel complex on a land plot of 0.6 Hectares with a built-in underground Parking.

Sketch of a "multi-Storey residential building with built-in commercial premises, pre-school facilities and underground Parking".

ОАО "ГРСТ-1" (

The company's team completed a sketch of a multi-storey residential building on a land plot of 1.8 Hectares with an underground Parking lot and a built-in kindergarten for 80 children with a total area of 46,030 m2.

Working project of improvement on 1.85 Hectares.

Застройщик "Ленстройтрест" (

The team of the company "Peter Development" has completed a working project of improvement of the intra-district common area in the residential complex "Yanila Country".

Children's preschool for 105 places in Yanino

Застройщик "Ленстройтрест" (

The project of the company "Peter development" built and put into operation a kindergarten for 105 places in the village of Yanino, Zanevskoye urban settlement of Vsevolozhsky district of Leningrad region.

Site planning and land surveying of the territory of S 82 Hectares

СНТ "Заозерное 1"

PLANNING AND SURVEYING project of Horticultural non-profit partnership in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region with an area of 82 HECTARES.

The project of arrangement of mezzanines (second level on the floor)

The detailed design of the mezzanine arrangement in the office building was developed in the company"Peter development". The project includes strengthening of overlappings and development of designs of the second level.

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